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University works to tackle Period Poverty on campus

The University of Aberdeen has teamed up with ‘Hey Girls’, an organisation which aims to tackle Period Poverty across the UK.

By Jeevan Bains

Photo Credits: The University of Aberdeen

On its website, the University states that it is ‘committed to ensuring that none of our students have to go without access to period products’ in its stance on Period Poverty on campus.

Students at the University can order from a range of products from the University Online Store to be delivered to their door at no cost at all. Products available include Reusable Period Pads, Organic Tampons and Reusable Menstrual Cups.

However, despite the initiative having been publicised over the last few months, some students have reported being unaware of the resource until now, with links to the Online Shop being shared by students across social media.

The Gaudie reached out to The Aberdeen University Feminist Society which said: “period poverty is an ever-present issue and it’s so incredibly important that it’s tackled, [we are] very excited that the university has taken this step and is opening up this conversation.”

The University has teamed up with ‘Hey Girls’, an initiative which sells organic and reusable sanitary products with its ethos ‘buy one give one menstrual products’ where each sale helps fund the donation of sanitary products to tackle Period Poverty among vulnerable populations.

Hey Girls has donated over 10.5 million products to date.

Her Campus Aberdeen expressed that “period poverty is a prevalent issue that can often have an adverse effect on education, and we are happy to see this being addressed by the University. No one should be without the products they need or have to deal with any of the shame or stigma surrounding menstruation.”

For students wishing to find out more or to order their own menstrual products, visit:


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