About Us


The Gaudie has been an iconic part of student life at the University of Aberdeen since 1934, the oldest independent student newspaper in Scotland. The tireless work of our team has led to numerous nominations for SPA awards over the years. 

Published on a biweekly basis, The Gaudie can be found across campus and the city itself. Including Hillhead Halls of Residence, King’s College Campus, Forresterhill Campus and some of the most popular student haunts.


Within our pages, readers will find not only the latest going on around campus but sports result, satire and tips on how to become a big name on campus. We strive for freedom of the press etc. 

Not only does The Gaudie cater to a wide variety of but it also enables students to try their hand at a variety of different reporting and writing styles. Written by you, for you, The Gaudie wouldn’t survive without its contributors. Around 150 students contribute articles and photographs on an annual basis. Our editors and production team work hard to turn the words of students into a printed paper.