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The song and dance of mesmeric chaos

He She It by The Musical Artist, ‘Senti’

By Khushvita Singh

Photo by Nainoa Shizuru on Unsplash

While concerts and entertainment venues were shut in the Covid-19 lockdown, local Aberdeen music artist, Senti, was saving lives as a doctor, as well as making music to uplift our fallen moods. Having to postpone his single due to Covid, he is now ready to showcase his amazing talents to the world with his new single, He She It. The sultry track is a perfect culmination of soothing calm and energising passion.

Having spoken to him in an interview, his charming nature and sense of calm reflects in his music. The way he handcrafts each moment of the song from the instruments to each word sung is incredibly graceful. He says of himself, “I am a very romantic person and a lot of times I am inspired by my personal experiences, and I love writing songs about feelings, holding each emotion tight and letting it have its own moment.”

Senti demonstrates his thoughtfulness in the way he talked about keeping personal experiences alive, using a lot of personal poems he had written for his lyrics. “Writing poetry has been a pastime of mine where I love to explore my feelings and put everything down on paper, then use it in my music”. His spectacular writing can be said to really shine through in his music. With impeccable attention to detail and touching lyrics intertwining with the mesmerising beats swaying in the Mediterranean bliss, Senti is indeed Scotland’s Enrique Iglesias.

His debut single He She It is a Latin inspired track rooted in the depths of his heart. It is a personal song where Senti has played all the instruments himself: classic guitar, bass, drumbeats, synthetic beats along with his astonishing vocals. His powerful voice oozes with romance and delicate longing.

He said,

“I wrote it about someone I met and is mainly about telling people to not let anything stop them from being with someone you love despite the long distance or anything else, be with the one you love.”

This resonated with me and surely will with other listeners as well. The track is a world of its own with immense feelings and intensity. Speaking further, he said: “The song is essentially a stand against toxic mentality in modern love and to say that other people’s opinions don’t matter. All that matters is that you’re happy together.”

Senti spent a lot of time in lockdown making music alongside working as a doctor. While being extremely passionate about medicine, music has always been his favourite hobby. Having travelled a lot to Spain as a child, his travels really inspired him to delve into the magic of Flamenco and Spanish instruments. He was also fascinated my metal rock, which has stirred him to fuse it into his music resulting in a romantic collage of melodies.

Even though his musical journey paused with Covid, it did not stop him from making more music. He has a whole collection of songs up his sleeve, particularly inspired by famous Flamenco guitar artists. Speaking on the prospect of future live gigs, he is really looking forward to performing in front of audiences and fans, as well as performing alongside other musical artists.

Furthermore in the interview I asked about his experiences of the pandemic and how they intertwined with his music. He said: “It was really important for me to eat right, take care of my sleep and drink enough water. These things really do make a difference and taking care of your mental health should always be a priority. It is super important, especially now more than ever and I make it my priority to look after myself and others.”

His advice is strong and well-intentioned. He is a passionate person, fearless with his passions. He believes that going after what you believe in is essential for mental health. He further says, “Never give up on what makes you happy.” Maybe this is why his song has a bold purpose and is so honest in its intentions. He argues that music has a place in creating happiness, saying: “There would be no point in me releasing my music if no one could dance to it.” Purposefully, he waited for the world to open up again before releasing his single so that more people could fully embrace it. This goes to show his caring nature and courage to follow his heart.

Being heavily inspired by Flamenco, language is not a barrier in music for him. The hit classic Despacito is a huge motivation for Senti to work alongside artists in different genres to make beautiful music which combine intricate art forms and musical styles. His single is an attractive and alluring performance of feelings and complicated intentions clashing against barriers. It can be said to be refreshing to see an artist like Senti being bold and bright amidst a global pandemic and shifting cultural preferences.

The warmth of the Spanish sun radiating from his presence reached me whilst I spoke with him on Zoom. Which is also present in his track, in every beat. His song is a poised love letter and a blaring anthem for lovers to be fearless.

Having had to put his musical dreams on hold while battling on the frontlines on the greatest pandemic in modern history, the artist is now primed to heal fans physically and emotionally with his track He She It. With an accompanying music video showcasing the spectacular dancing skills of Aberdeen dance troupe The Valkyries, the single is sure to capture the hearts and imagination of audiences in his native Scotland, much adored Spain, and beyond.

His sultry and steamy single will name all the emotions you never knew you were feeling. It will reach the fragments of your soul hidden and quiet. Don’t worry if your heart’s been broken, I am sure Senti will mend it back; whole and pure. You can now stream the single on Spotify.


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