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Storm Arwen hits Aberdeen: SDR Library closes

Police urge people to avoid travel as some University services close early

By Olivia Mackenzie

Students leave the library early. Photo courtesy of Anttoni James Numminen

The rare red maximum alert for weather was issued this afternoon and is expected to remain in place from 3pm on Friday 26 November until 02:00 on Saturday 27. There has not been a red alert for weather since the so-called ‘Beast from the East’ caused heavy snowfall across the UK in 2018.

The red alert warns of a potential risk to life with citizens being told to watch out for flying debris, damage to property with roofs being blown off and power lines being brought down, roads, bridges and railway lines being closed, power cuts and large waves along the coast.

It has impacted the University, with some classes cancelled and the Head Librarian, Simon Bains, announcing on Twitter that the SDR Library would close early at 4pm today. Normally, the library would be open 24h at this time of the year.

However, as of 3,30pm, there had been no official communication from the University to students via email, social media or the University's news page.

However, it us understood that staff were asked to "consider leaving campus" early this afternoon.

High winds have been reported along the east coast from Newcastle to Aberdeen, with gusts potentially reaching 100 mph.

In the city, there has been snowfall, rain and severe wind. In Shetland, wind speeds have reached 67 mph, a ‘violent storm’ on the Beaufort Scale.

The Aberdeen Christmas Village has been forced to close but is hoping to reopen Saturday 27th. Transport Scotland has reminded people to keep the weather in mind when planning travel while flights in and out of Shetland have been cancelled.


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