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Six by Nico's Launches "Street Foods" Tasting Menu

The Gaudie Newspaper Reviews the Restaurant’s New Tasting Menu

By Nour Elshenawy and Josh Pizzuto-Pomaco

On the 8th of November, The Gaudie had the pleasure of being invited to review the new tasting menu at Six by Nico, aptly titled "Street Foods."

The innovative menu promised a culinary journey inspired by different cities, and we eagerly delved into the five-course experience with little hesitation.


The first stop on our journey was the "Mac and Cheese from LA," which was posed as a tantalizing addition from the snacks section. While the plating received high marks, the taste left something to be desired. The overcooked pasta and the lack of cheese were simple disappointments, with only the gherkins and chorizo emulsion providing any flavor. Therefore, there would be a justified and modest 2/5 rating for this course.

Moving on to Seoul, the "Steamed Buns" presented a delightful upgrade from the previous course. Filled with pork and immersed in chili oil, ginger, and pickled mushrooms, the dish offered a pleasant surprise. However, a note of caution: fully coating the bun in its accompanying sauce is essential to avoid dryness. Overall, the rating would have to stand at a respectable 4/5.

The journey took a spicy turn with the "Samosa from Goa," featuring potatoes, spiced onions, and pickles as the main characters. For self-proclaimed spice enthusiasts, this course might be a big hit, but for our reviewers with zero tolerance to heat, it proved to be rather challenging instead, earning itself a rating of 2/5.

Anticipation soared with the "Kebab from Istanbul," but unfortunately, it quickly fell short. The lamb belly and salsa verde were the highlights of the show, but the other components fell flat in comparison to the stars. Serving them a bit colder might have enhanced the overall experience, but in the end, we have a lukewarm 3/5 for this course.

 The penultimate stop brought us to Mexico City for a "Fish Taco." With impeccable presentation, the dish showcased a perfect fish taco and outstanding sauces that came alongside it. The coal fish, however, divided opinions among us reviewers, earning itself a final rating of 4.5/5.

Honestly speaking, the "Chicken Satay" course, featuring a leg roulade and satay sauce, stole the overall spotlight from the other courses. While the chicken could have been less dry, the leg roulade and satay sauce combination earned a solid 5/5 from the Gaudie reviewers.

And finally, the dessert, which was a "Cocoa Mousseline" with coffee, leche, and buttermilk, garnered a honourable 4/5 rating. While the flavors were delectable, the expectation for something more creative left a slight sense of letdown.

In terms of ambiance and vibes, the restaurant excelled in those fields, but the noise level dampened the experience. A 6/10 for ambiance. And with the food receiving an overall rating of 7/10, this makes Six by Nico a suitable choice for celebrations. Service, highlighted by a standout waiter named Dylan, earned a perfect 10/10.

However, the value for money, which stands at 6/10, may cause a slight reconsideration, especially for students who prefer cafes over expensive restaurants on most days of the week. But despite the price, Six by Nico remains a lovely spot for special occasions.


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