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Next week’s General Meeting to debate “Meat Free Mondays” motion

The AUSA General Meeting, scheduled for Wednesday 12th will require at least 250 attendees in order to go ahead

Photo courtesy of AJN

by Derek Gardiner

A motion which proposes banning the sale of meat products on campus on Mondays has been put forward for the AUSA General Meeting.

Other motions submitted for consideration include a motion to remove the Sabbatical work reports from the agenda of Student Council on the basis that they “take up too much time” and “deter attendance by student councillors”. Instead, the motion suggests that Sabbatical Officers be held to account with “Q and A sessions for each Sabbatical Officer”.

There is also a motion to make the Butchart Recreation Centre once again available to sports clubs. 

The “Meat Free Mondays” motion, proposed by Vice-Chair of the Communities Committee, Tomas Pizarro-Escuti Aedo, states: “This motion aims to raise awareness of the detrimental environmental impact of eating meat and to encourage Aberdeen University students to help fight the climate emergency, preserve precious natural resources and improve their health by having at least one meat free day each week.

“AUSA will be mandated to lobby the University of Aberdeen to ban the selling of meat from its premises every Monday of each week. 

“That AUSA will encourage the students of the University of Aberdeen to stop eating meat at least once per week with immediate effect.

“That a campaign aimed at decreasing meat consumption on campus will be initiated, promoting the positive impacts of a plant -based diet using posters, labels, flyers, promotional events, etc.”

This follows Student Council’s support of a motion mandating AUSA to declare a climate emergency and to act accordingly, at its last meeting in October.

The General Meeting, in which all students can participate, speak and vote, will take place on Tuesday 12th November at 5pm in New King’s 6.


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