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Next Generation of Artists Show Off Their Work at RGU Gray’s Degree Show

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Graduating Art Students Present Their Year-Long Projects

By Clive Davies

The annual Gray’s Degree Show is on at Gray’s School of Art at RGU allowing over a hundred graduates across painting, photography, 3D design, fashion and more to show off the work they’ve been doing throughout their final year.

The exhibition is free and open to the public, with the entire campus having been transformed into a gallery. Many pieces are also available for purchase.

Kirsty Skea, a 3D design student, is displaying their work centring on childhood gross motor development named the ‘Explore Collection’.

Find Kirsty @kpskeadesign

When asked what the benefits were of taking part in such an event, Skea said “It’s learning that process, taking an idea you might have had and developing it so far that it becomes a real thing. Taking something from a conceptual idea to a finished, refined piece.

Fellow 3D design student Euan Hunter is presenting their nature inspired ceramics, including a cup which won’t spill when knocked.

Find Euan @euanhunterceramics

“I grew up near the woods, and I was in the woods a lot, so it’s all inspired by where I’ve grown up and influences from around me.”

Fashion and Textile student Ava Gourlay is displaying their ‘Girlhood’ range

Find Ava @avagourlay

“The exposure is really good, and it’s quite good to show off everything you’ve learnt over the four years, it’s nice to see people walk round and look at your stuff.

Painting student Fionnlagh Skinner is showing off their collection, which focuses on Scottish birds.

Find Fionn @fionn_ski.nner

“I’m really into Scottish history and folklore, I wrote my entire dissertation on the loss of Scottish culture, language and identity and how we can revitalise that. So it plays a really big role in my work, inspired by Scottish painted ceilings, particularly after the reformation. It’s all how Scotland’s storytelling culture is closely ingrained with the environment and the creatures within the landscape.”

Painting student Katie Hillard is presenting their collection of paintings.

Find Katie @k8t_ie_

"My work is mainly about how glass can distort light in paintings and images"

Painting student Summer Mapplebeck is using this opportunity to display a diverse range of portraits.

Find Summer @summermapplebeckart

“I’ve never made a piece [this] large before, I wanted to go large to make a big piece for the show. I feel like I’ve got the same illustrative style running through the show, but by using this much material and this must diversity, I wouldn’t normally go this crazy, but I did just for this show."

Photography student Rebecca Shaw is presenting a sports photography range.

Find Rebecca at

They spoke about they first became interested in photography: “It was back when my grandad got a camera, so probably around 2011-2012, I started going with him out for walks with the dogs, I stole the camera from all the time. I got into motorsport, and that’s when I really started getting into sports photography.”

Painting student Jodie Galloway is displaying a collection of drawings as well as an interactive display room.

Find Jodie @jodiejeenart

“My work deals a lot with the natural world and human behaviour and I’m using mythology, storytelling and techniques like set dressing and culture to deal with those difficult-to-tackle themes in a more humorous and accessible and fun way.”

The exhibition will be open 10AM until 8PM on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and from 10AM to 5PM on Saturday. More information about the event including a full catalogue of artists and displays can be found at


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