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More Businesses To Adopt Uber Model

by Gaudie Business Correspondent

Due the success of the app based ride sharing app, Uber, other companies are following suit in adopting a similar structure.

The Uber model takes advantage of the ‘Gig Economy’, a system where workers are considered independent contractors that work as and when they feel like it, similar to the delivery service Deliveroo. Companies argue this gives individuals more control over their working hours and conditions.

The sharing economy is based around the idea that individuals have a resource that they can temporarily rent out to others, similar to the city murdering accommodation service Air B&B, where people are encouraged to rent a portion of their home to a stranger, in exchange for not being made homeless.

One of the companies that has announced this shit towards the sharing model has been the sandwich shop, Pret-A-Manger. A spokesperson for the company told The Gaudie:

"We’re a dynamic and forward thinking company, we always want to provide what’s best for our customers and staff. We’re shifting towards being a sandwich sharing collective because we truly believe this will place us at the forefront of ethical business."

An employee who wished to remain anonymous told us shortly after the announcement:

"All that’s really changed is we now have to use an app to sort out our rota. And the language of the company has changed. Customers have become very confused as to why they’re no longer buying a product, but now we’re making sandwiches so we can share them? For money?"

Several economists and business experts have also began to question the value in this system, after Uber failed to ever make a profit.


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