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Just in: teaching will remain online for rest of second half-session

Teaching and assessments to remain online for undergraduate students, says University

By: Anttoni Numminen

Photograph courtesy of author.

All teaching and assessment will be online for undergraduate students this half-session, the University has announced.

The University of Aberdeen (UoA) said it had taken the 'difficult' decision once it became clear that there was no certainty that teaching on-campus could resume for some time to come.

"We have taken the difficult decision to confirm that teaching and assessment for Undergraduate students will remain online for the rest of the second half-session. There are a small number of exceptions in place and those students have already been informed by their Schools", students were told in an email.

UoA said it understood students would be disappointed, as was the University, adding, however: "the campus does remain open for those with on-campus teaching or who have, in line with Scottish Government travel guidance restrictions, remained in or returned to Aberdeen."

With regard to postgraduate programmes, which last 12-months, students were told that as restrictions are relaxed, there ould be an opportunity to increase on-campus teaching.

"The pace of this change will, of course, depend on national guidance. We will keep you informed."

However, it was emphasised that students should not return to campus "unless your School has contacted you to say you should, or if your circumstances permit you to do so under current national arrangements.

"We know that it is essential for some students to be in Aberdeen to meet the early April deadline for the Graduate Visa."

With regard to accommodation, the University said it would now stop rent payments for those not in residence and process the rent rebates for the period since 25 January as quickly as practicable.

"Some of you will already be in your term-time households and of course you are welcome to remain for the duration of your lease agreement.

"Students in private accommodation are also able to cancel their leases with notice and in discussion with their landlords. Remember if you have rented as a group, you will all need to make the same decision."

The full update can be found here.


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