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Concert Band is back on the live stage

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

With the 'Bare Necessities'…and dazzling musical displays

by Rory Buccheri

picture courtesy of the author.

“Last year around this time we weren’t able to perform in-person,” said conductor Sam Paul, “we are so excited to be here playing for you on this stage tonight”.

The Concert Band previously performed at the Music Hall in December 2021.

Covid-19 has taken away from us many experiences, with live music performances scoring high on the list. In April 2022, after two long years since the beginning of lockdown, it is truly great to finally sit in Aberdeen Music Hall surrounded by fellow music lovers again.

Last night Aberdeen University Concert Band made its come back to live concerts, offering a varied and thrilling musical show. The first half started with classics such as Shostakovich’s Jazz Suite No.2: Waltz 2. It then moved on to musical medleys and thrilling tunes in the second part, in which Concert Band really gave us a great show.

Whereas the show started with modesty and a few, forgivable slips in the first half, the second half was a bombast of energy, focus, and a great showcase of the various musical talents in the band.

The second bit is where the concert really came alive, from musical medleys including pop-rock hits like Michael Jackson’s Thriller and -Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger, to the brilliantly performed Sing, Sing, Sing and Mas Que Nada.

photo courtesy of the author.

The last songs really channelled the energy of the entire band, and sent a wave of reinvigoration through the audience. If you looked around the room, everyone’s feet were tapping, their heads moving, carried by the beat.

A special mention in this second half goes to the percussions, and the various impeccable soloist throughout the concert, including the very talented double flute player and the special guest performers at the piano and sax.

The night ended with Bare Necessities: a light note to end on, and a perfect metaphor of the Concert Band coming together to play, an hour and a half a week, just for the love of music…and putting on a good show.

photo courtesy of the author.


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