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City Council announces results of budget survey

Education proved most popular, followed by Arts, Culture & Sport and Roads & Public Transport

By Josh Pizzuto-Pomaco

Ahead of next week's full council meeting, Aberdeen City Council has revealed which public services are most prioritised by city residents.

A much-hyped budget consultation asked the public to award a total of 100 'points' to 17 different Council service areas: ranging from social care to public works.

The 'novel' process was set into motion after budget cuts resulted in the closure of six libraries and several community swimming pools across the city- sparking months of protests and court action.

Per the Council, points were distributed to each service areas in batches of 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25.

Now, the percentage share of the total points awarded has been calculated- and Education has taken home first place with 12.7% of the vote.

The second most popular service was 'Arts, Culture, and Sport' with 12.1%, following a push by Sport Aberdeen boss Alistair Robertson, who urged residents to allocate the maximum number of points to the service area.

'Roads and Public Transport' took third with 8.9%, perhaps a reflection of

the public's views on the 'traffic nightmare' which engulfed parts of the city earlier this summer.

Currently at the centre of a high profile legal battle, the city's library service received 5.9% of the vote, coming in 7th place.

With some residents fearing the results of the consultation may be used to justify unpopular decision, the Council has work to do to in improving public trust.

Councillor Alex McLellan, Convener of the Finance and Resources Committee, commented: “I would like to thank citizens for taking part in the first phase of Aberdeen City Council’s budget consultation.

“It is important that citizens have an opportunity to have their say on how the council sets its budget and delivers services moving forward – particularly given the increasingly challenging environment which we are operating in.

“The second phase, which will take place later in the year, will allow for a greater level of public engagement on officers proposals for spend – and savings – as we move towards setting the council budget for 2024/25.”

The full list of services and the % of points they received can be viewed below:


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