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AUSA calls on clubs to protect women from spiking

In the wake of reports of increased spikings in clubs and bars, AUSA created a petition demanding owners of affected establishments take action

By Olivia Mackenzie Smith

Courtesy of kaicho20 via Pixabay

Reports have surfaced in Aberdeen and other cities of people being spiked – slipped drugs to increase their inebriation – via drinks or injection.

As a result, there have been criticisms regarding the lack of action of club owners with protests like Girls Night In and Prohibit Prohibition, who attempted to boycott these establishments.

In their petition, with more than 600 signatures, AUSA asks for safeguarding policies such as banning people who commit acts of sexual violence, a “zero tolerance policy” towards any type of abuse, the introduction of drink covers, female door staff, training staff on how to handle reports of predatory/abusive behaviour.

They also asked for the introduction of “safe spaces”, easily-identifiable First Aider, fully operational CCTV, campaigning against sexual violence and support for the victims.

In response to inquiries from the Gaudie, Vice President for Welfare Ivana Drdáková stated:

“We have created the petition with the intention for the clubs to show us that they will improve security arrangements on their premises. It is a collective responsibility to keep the community safe.

"We need them to do everything they can to ensure that we are safe when we visit their venues."

Some clubs have implemented safeguards such as Revolution, which now provides drink covers to prevent spiking attempts.

In an Instagram post, they shared that “going forward, we will be searching 100% of our customers arriving on peak nights…”

As of the publication of this article, there has been no direct response from local clubs to AUSA’s petition.


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