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Activists groups to gather at Alternative Freshers Fair

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Event will be hosted by Aberdeen Social Centre at Dunbar Hall

By Josh Pizzuto-Pomaco

Student led climate groups like the Secret Garden Society and Conservation Society will have stalls at the fair. Image Credit: Rory Buccheri

Aberdeen students have been encouraged to attend the second annual Alternative Freshers Fair, featuring activist groups from across the Granite City.

Organised by Aberdeen Social Centre, the event will run from 11-4 on Saturday the 16th of September.

Over 20 activist and student groups are set to have stalls at the fair, ranging from environmental groups like Extinction Rebellion and Friends of St Fittick’s Park to collectives such as Living Rent and Food not Bombs.

Speaking to The Gaudie, a member of Aberdeen Social Centre said:

“Three quarters of the groups are city based, not campus based… It’s trying to bridge that gap in some way so students can get involved in city groups as well as student groups.”

The fair is free to enter, and will feature a craftivism workshop and book swap in addition to the stalls.

Coffee, tea, and snacks will be available throughout the afternoon.

Aberdeen Social Centre hopes the event will help students link up with groups tackling community issues across the city.

“The whole point of the fair is for students to basically see all these groups under one roof, which is unheard of,” a member told us.

“You’ll never get any other event like this.”

The Alternative Freshers Fair will be held at Dunbar Hall, across St Machar Drive from the university campus.


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