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A Funding Update from The Gaudie

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

We're hopeful for future partial funding, but currently only have funds for three more editions

UPDATE to the update.

We're pleased to announce that we have recieved 5000 pounds in funding from the University of Aberdeen Development Trust. This will cover our print run for the rest of the year!

Hi all!

Somehow we've nearly finished our first term as Editors in Chief (just one more to go).

We've been hard at work here in Aberdeen, publishing three print editions thus far (with another scheduled before Christmas break).

Since we last updated you in July, we've covered a number of stories across campus and the city, including:

- Potential cuts to UoA's modern langauge department - UoA's decision to charge families of graduates to attend ceremonies - UCU industrial action and strikes (incl. 'pain along the way' WhatsApp messages)

- Pro-Palestinian protests in Aberdeen City Centre-

- The Save Belmont Cinema campaign

Just last week, we successfully lobbied the University Senate to approve the return of graduations at King's College Campus

A number of our stories have been picked up by local media; including STV, The Press and Journal, and BBC Scotland. Our editorial team and writing staff has grown substantially, and we have organised a number of workshops and events for our team and with other societies on campus.

However, not everything has been smooth sailing.

Despite requesting to speak to senior management about our funding situation multiple times, we have been ignored- apart from a intitial rejection letter.

This is unsurprising, given our in-depth coverage of the University's handling of the marking and assessment boycott and current budget shortfall.

Let's be honest, it is much better for UoA's senior management if The Gaudie folds - robbing students of one of their most effective and persistent voices.

As such, our quest for guaranteed long-term funding seems to have failed- at least for now. While we have submitted applications for funding to the University's Development Trust and AUSA's Society Grant Fund, we have yet to receive word if these have been successful.

We're hopeful, but currently only have funds for three more editions. Even if the applications are successful, we are unsure when funds would be dispersed.

So, as the holidays approach, and we begin to make plans for the second semester and beyond, we'd ask if you would be willing to support our work...

We've attached a link to our Go Fund Me below, and would welcome donations of any amount! We'd also ask anyone with an interest in match-funding to get in touch, as well as anyone with good fundraising ideas or tips...

If you're an alumni, we'd love to chat! You can sign up for our alumni network here:

Your generosity has allowed us to keep the lights on this autumn, and we're confident in your support once again.

Our goal is to create student focused-media, for students, by students. Every pound donated goes toward that goal.

Kind Regards,

Isabelle and Josh


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