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"We need jungle": Aberdeen University Challenge captain reacts to viral fame

Third year student Emily Osborne was 'stunned' when she saw her exchange with presenter Amol Rajan go viral last week

By Josh Pizzuto-Pomaco

Four members of Aberdeen's UC team are pictured with presenter Amol Ra
This was Aberdeen's first appearance on University Challenge in nearly a decade

University Challenge was the furthest thing from Aberdeen economics student Emily Osborne’s mind when she first learned of her viral fame last week.

Speaking exclusively to The Gaudie, the UC team captain revealed her initial reaction to the “We need jungle” remix craze.

“I was away in Japan when it went viral,” she said.

“I was stunned to see a bunch of notifications from my friends and family about it.”

While she was confused by the hubbub at first, the third year student told us she now finds the whole situation rather humorous. 

Let’s backtrack. 

During the Aberdeen vs Sheffield second round bout, which aired on New Year's Day, presenter Amol Rajan asked the Dons squad a question relating to jungle, a popular style of 90s dance music.

After a hurried consultation with her teammates, Emily incorrectly identified the style as “Drum n Bass.”

To which Amol replied, “We need jungle, I’m afraid.”

A relatively benign exchange, it would seem. 

But a week later, Bath Spa University lecturer Nathan Filer posted the clip to X, asking his followers to sample Amol’s ironic response.

Over the next few days, hundreds, if not thousands, of remixes were made, and Emily and Amol’s interaction became one of 2024's most viral moments (so far).

For Emily, the journey started long before January, as she nervously sweated out the competitive selection process last spring.

Of the 130 teams who applied to be on the show, just 28 made the final cut, she told us.

“I had to constantly remind my team not to be disappointed if we didn’t get on and that having a team was a success in itself,” Emily said.

“I really didn’t wanna let the team down and be the bearer of bad news. Luckily we got on and we had an amazing time.”

The Dons’ A Team consisted of Emily, Archie Broomfield, Zachary Eisler, and Callum McClements, who were the first to appear on the programme for Aberdeen since 2014.

The quartet beat Birmingham 190-125 in the first round, before falling to Sheffield 130-105 in the second.

It’s easy for current Aberdeen students to join the team, Emily said. 

“UoA students can get involved by following the quiz society,” she told us.

“We regularly have updates and information on different trials and you can message the quiz society instagram with any queries!”

Emily will be back in action at The Tunnels on 26 Jan, where she has been tapped to hype up the crowd with a Drum N Bass set. 


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