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Violent Murder of British Couple on Honeymoon

Ugandan Rebels Shoot Newly Married Couple Touring Public Park

By Gillian Fraser

On Tuesday 17th of October, newly married couple David (age 50) and Celia Barlow (age 51) were killed on their honeymoon in Uganda. The couple held residence in Berkshire in the south of England but had travelled to Uganda for their nuptials. Celia Barlow was born in South-Africa, which drew the couple there for their wedding on the Saturday. Following their wedding, the couple remained in South Africa for their honeymoon and toured the area together to appreciate its most popular places.

Accompanied by a Ugandan tour guide, Erick Alyai (age 40), the newlyweds were enjoying a drive through Queen Elizabeth National Park when their car was ambushed by a group of rebels. The group fired their guns towards the jeep and shot the vehicle multiple times before setting it alight with their bodies sat within the vehicle. While their bodily remains were recovered from the fire, the thought of such a violent event and ill treatment even after death is painful to imagine. The attack was described as “cowardly” by the Ugandan president in a response during a press conference on the night of the attack.

Photo by: Pixabay

It is suspected that the attack was carried out by the remainder of the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF); a well-known rebel group operating in Uganda with ties to Islamic state. The ADF are known for their brutality with previous crimes of a violent nature including attacks towards school children. The rebels, at the time, were running from the authorities when they stumbled upon the unlucky three within the jeep. The couple and their guide were fatally attacked and following their deaths their car was set on fire before the suspected terrorist group left the scene.

The British and Ugandan authorities are advising all Britons in Uganda to stay clear of the Queen Elizabeth Park. In his public statement, the President assured the world that measures are being taken by Ugandan police to keep the park as safe as possible for those within, but until this murderous group is located there is no guarantee.

Those concerned are not without hope. The authorities in Uganda announced that they are currently pursuing potential suspects who are residing in a condo near the park. The loss of this couple was felt deeply by those in their local area. David Barlow was the Chairman of Hampstead Norreys Parish Council, having resided in the area his entire life. He was an active member of the community, making him known and loved by many. Celia Barlow was similarly adored. Many statements were made by those who knew her expressing their regrets in losing such a kind soul in such a malicious way. Those who knew the couple continue to express their shock in the loss of two loved and respected individuals.


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