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Three art exhibitions you cannot miss this autumn | Events

Merging art and history, we bring for all culture lovers three temporary exhibitions to enjoy for FREE during September and October

By Laura De Llobet Verdes

The Galloway Hoard: Viking-Age Treasure

Until Sunday 23rd October

Aberdeen Art Gallery

GallowayHoard. courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

From jewellery, silver, and gold to textiles such as linen, wool, and silk, the Galloway Hoard—buried c. 900 AD— is a collection of over 100 objects from the Viking Age. It is one of the largest hoards found in Ireland and Britain to date. This treasure is now on display on level 2 of the Aberdeen Art Gallery, offering us the opportunity to see with our own eyes a collection of such national and international importance.

The Book of Deer

Until Sunday 2nd October

Aberdeen Art Gallery

The Book of Deer is considered the oldest manuscript ever produced in Scotland. This national treasure—believed to have originated at Deer Monastery in Aberdeenshire—has been returned to its homeland for the first time in a millennium on loan from the University of Cambridge. It offers us a unique opportunity to learn and observe first-hand its fascinating illustrations and Gaelic text (dating from the 12th century, and thought to be the oldest surviving Gaelic text) until the 2nd of October. Will you miss this chance?

New Aberdeen Bestiary: The Mare, by Pedro G. Romero

Until Thursday 29th October

The Worm Gallery

In collaboration with Worm Gallery, The Spanish artist, curator, and filmmaker Pedro G. Romero is currently exhibiting prints of images and texts made by master printmaker Struan Hamilton. With this exhibition, Romero investigates through the gaze of a mare, speculating on the kinds of knowledge that can be produced about human beings when seen from the perspective of the animals that coexist with us.


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