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Student Council convenes in person for the first and last time this semester

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Councillors discussed a variety of topics

By Josh Pizzuto-Pomaco

Courtesy of Martin Le Brech

For the first time this academic year, the Student Council convened in person Thursday evening. Sabbatical officers and committee members gathered in the King’s College Auditorium and online to discuss AUSA business and student affairs. The meeting was the last before AUSA’s Annual General Meeting.

Changes to Complaint Handling and Procedures

The Council discussed the recommendation of the Communities Committee, which proposed changes to the AUSA bylaws surrounding the handling of complaints about discrimination and abuse. The impetus for the change resulted from allegations that AUSA poorly handled discrimination complaints by members of the University Basketball Team the last term, as previously reported in the Gaudie.

NUS Conference

The Council also discussed President Alisa Koester’s recent trip to the National Union of Students (NUS) Conference in Liverpool, where allegations of antisemitism against NUS leadership were highlighted, and members of NUS Scotland voted to form their own, independent union.

Russian Divestment Mandate

The Council also discussed the implications of the University’s mandate to divest from Russian institutions.

Vice President for Communities Camilo Torres-Barragán discussed his work with Russian staff and students to ensure that the University’s ban will not negatively affect their standard of education or academic freedom.

Departure from Aurora Network

The Council also discussed the University’s recent departure from the Aurora Network, a trans-European alliance of universities. According to Student President Alisa Koester, the University left the alliance after it became clear that funds provided to Aurora by the European Union would not be available to the University due to Brexit regulations.

Aid Packages for Ukrainian Students

The Council also discussed the University’s recent decision to extend free accommodation, tuition, and bursaries to individuals affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Student President Alisa Koester asked Vice President for Education Ondrej Kucerak if the aid packages would be extended to people from other countries affected by war and violence.

As the Council did not have enough members present to be in quorum, they were not able to approve the minutes. The only quorate meeting of the term was back in January.


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