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Refurbished Union Brew attracts freshers

A £200,000 investment has been put towards a reinvention of the student bar

By Anttoni James Numminen

AUSA’s newly refurbished social space on the ground floor of The Hub has proved an apparent success with incoming students. The £200,000 investment has been put towards a reinvention of the student bar Union Brew and the creation of new social and relaxation spaces for students.

Bar staff, citing the influx of news students and affordable prices as possible causes for the increase in custom, states that Union Brew has done a lot better during freshers week than usual. The fresher’s week pub quiz hosted by AUSA, one of several events aimed at attracting more students, saw people queuing up outside the building to get in.

Previously, the Brew had suffered from poor business which inspired a transition to student union management. Staff from the University have been called in to allow for a smooth transition and plans are underway to make this term a financial success.

Harry Chalkin, a Sabbatical Officer, says “we’re feeling positive about Union Brew, and I hope that the popularity it has experienced so far will continue”. Precise statistics are not yet available for how Union Brew is doing financially as it has only been open for a week under AUSA ownership. Chalkin addressed complaints regarding Union Brew pricing by arguing “Union Brew is not a money-making machine and profits would be ploughed back into student enterprises supported by AUSA”.

The Bobbin, a veteran establishment near campus, has also experienced the benefits of Fresher’s Week and student societies in particular, with large numbers of students frequenting for food and drink. This popularity is good news in the face of reports that up to 18 pubs close for good every week, according to CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale).

Struan King, a first-year student, argues that “whilst it's a great move to have an on-campus venue it feels like there is a lot that needs addressing. The layout and seating are reminiscent of a canteen without the cozy atmosphere most venues would try to build and the bar itself is poorly equipped, especially given the capacity.”

King continued: “during the jazz night there was an issue with pints being pulled from behind the bar, and various drinks were out of stock. I think the space needs to be redesigned and the association should revisit how they want to use the space.”

AUSA is commissioning a student survey to find out what students would like from The Hub and from Union Brew in particular. You can find the survey and give your views at:


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