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Preferred Pronouns now available on MyAberdeen

Blackboard, the student's online course area, now has the option for students to pick their preferred pronouns through a new feature

By Katerina Vilemova

Blackboard Screenshot By Mireia Jimenez

The news was announced on vice president for welfare Ivana Drdakova’s Facebook page on the 19th of January.

‘I am so incredibly excited to announce that My Aberdeen (Blackboard) now has a pronoun feature. It was one of my manifesto points and I am very happy to see the result,’ she wrote.

Being able to choose personal pronouns is acknowledged by the university’s Transgender Equality Policy. The document defines pronouns as the ‘words we use to refer to people’s gender in conversation - for example, ‘he’ or ‘she.’’

Some people may prefer others to refer to them in gender neutral language and use pronouns such as they/their and ze/zir.

The option for students and staff to add their pronouns in the university system is also available for

Pronouns can be chosen by clicking on your name on your profile, selecting “add

Pronouns” and choosing one of the options, or alternatively, choose “Make a request” if you can’t

find yours.


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