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New plans see Hillhead's South House reallocated to Postgraduate students

Postgraduate students will call South House their home for this academic year in new plans to repurpose the university accommodation

By: Jeevan Bains

Caption: South House halls. Courtesy: Anttoni James Numminen

The University of Aberdeen has announced plans to designate South House to postgraduate students beginning this academic term.

The £452 per month accommodation, which includes single study bedrooms for 4-6 persons, is placed at the heart of Hillhead Student Village and was previously home to hundreds of undergraduates. However, for the start of the new academic year, the flats will be reallocated to serve postgraduate students only.

A University spokesperson said that “over the last few years the University has worked with a third-party provider to provide accommodation to postgraduate students, however that agreement has now ended”.

This had led to plans for the flats, which are situated a stone's throw away from the entrance of Seaton Park, to now be home to postgraduates for the next academic year “because it is generally recognised that this cohort of students prefers to share accommodation with each other” the spokesperson continued.

Second-Year Language and Linguistics student Fiona Cairns, who lived at South House last year, described South House as a “unique place with unforgettable people and memories” as well as “a second home”. Similar feelings were shared by English student Jessica Leggate who praised the “strong community” between the flats during her fresher year.

However, the University said that “there remains a range of accommodation options for all students and the same high standard of accommodation is available elsewhere at our Hillhead Student Village” stating that “depending on the number of applications we receive and the level of preference, [we will] make changes if necessary”.


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