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Missing hiker discovered in the Cairngorms; Aberdeen students aid in the rescue.

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

The students rescued him after two days of being stranded in the wilderness.

By Josh Pizzuto-Pomaco

Courtesy of Hermann via Pixabay

David Wightman had nearly reached his breaking point on Sunday, 10th October.

Separated from his hiking companion the previous Friday due to inclement weather, Mr Wightman had spent two lonely nights in the Cairngorms.

However, on Sunday morning, much to his relief, he was discovered by a group of students from the University of Aberdeen who had heard he was lost.

Mr Wightman told the BBC: “From that point the relief was just enormous - I knew this was going to be ok…they shared their food, peanut butter out the jar… beef jerky, apples…it's the kindness of strangers - just restored my faith in human nature”.

The students were able to flag down a search and rescue helicopter circling overhead, and Mr Wightman was flown to safety. Soon, he was reunited with his family and friends.

While The Gaudie was unable to learn the students’ names, their actions should be praised regardless.

In that spirit, Nick Edwards, Head of Student Support commented: “We were so pleased to hear of the rescue of missing walker David Wightman and so proud to learn that four of our students played their part in his safe return”.


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