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Mary Poppins Returns - Review

by Lucìa Román Canivell


New year, same ideas. In an era of change and possibility, the film industry still seems to unable to renovate itself. Once again, an old story is taken in order to create ‘something new.’ In the past few years, we have already had two new Jungle Books, as well as a remake of Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Dumbo – and here we go again with a new Mary Poppins.

However, this spin-off actually brings something new to the game while preserving the enthusiasm and imagination of the 1964 Mary Poppins. Emily Blunt becomes the clever nanny in this film, but lacks the distinctive, unforgettable charisma and empathy that Julie Andrews possessed. Director Rob Marshall takes all the necessary elements from the old Mary Poppins and uses them to create a new world in which everyone is able to follow the ride. The movie is a beautifully filmed work, with amazing shots, yet it lacks the charm and quality of soundtrack from the old film. However, despite some obvious flaws, it is still worth watching. And one cannot help but wonder… Does Mary Poppins actually return?

She does, but having personally grown up with Julie Andrews’ interpretation, Emily Blunt’s take on the role seems to be out of place in comparison. Hopefully, she will be the perfect Mary Poppins for the new generations. Indeed, as Julie Andrews and Emily Blunt both show, Mary Poppins never goes out of style, and maybe the film industry will start producing more remakes like this one, which bring something truly new to our lives while retaining the charm of well-loved stories.


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