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Limbo (2021) | Review

by Ava Bratejka Lindberg

The heartbreakingly beautiful film Limbo sets a new standard for discussing political issues through the medium of film. Finding the perfect balance between the tragic fates of many asylum seekers in the UK and the ability to find comedy in the small stuff, Ben Sharrock’s Limbo makes a perfect commentary on the way we treat refugees.

The film’s cinematography, with its long, static shots of beautiful, remote Scottish nature only enhances the feeling of being stuck in, well, limbo. It’s a story that takes patience, but never gets boring; a story that will make you cry of laughter and sorrow. Sharrock has managed to find beauty in the tragic and has told a story that will stay with this reviewer for a very long time. The experience was of course enhanced by the fact that I got to walk into the warm embrace of Belmont Filmhouse to experience it.


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