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Honorary consul of Estonia visits Aberdeen University

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Simpson Buglass honorary consul of Estonia celebrates Independence Day with a talk at the University

By Evelyn Bayerlein

Courtesy of Aberdeen University Model UN Society

On Thursday 23rd February the University of Aberdeen held a talk with the Honorary Consul of Estonia, Simpson Buglass, organised by the model United Nations society.

This is the third year that Aberdeen University has hosted the Honorary Consul.

The event was held on the 104th anniversary of Estonia’s independence day. Simpson Buglass explained his duty as Honorary Consul to “answer queries from citizens” in the Aberdeenshire area.

Simpson Buglass talked about the process of becoming an Honorary Consul.

In order to be Honorary Consul one has to be “appointed” to the post and a person doesn’t need to have visited the country they represent or speak the language.

He explained his motivation to become an Honorary Consul was because he wanted to “satisfy [his] need for history, geography and culture” and this is what he enjoys the most. He shared that it is important for him to engage with the Estonian community in Aberdeen.

Mr Buglass was asked about Estonia’s impact on international relations, in terms of Brexit and the impact it has had on the United Kingdom and Estonia relations. He stated “No, I don’t think it did” referencing that the Estonia leader was the first world leader to visit Boris Johnson after Brexit.


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