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Guide Dogs Against Brexit

Working canines are pro EU and here’s why.

Photo courtesy of ujawand

by Finlay Macleay

Brexit is forecast to impact the UK in ways that few could have predicted. Medicine and food shortages, increased alcohol pricing, traffic delays and an upsettingly low amount of tomatoes are just a few of the effects that may soon face us all. However, instead of focussing on such issues, I thought a less prevalent one was worth discussing. But before we get into it, I must ask you one question. A question that many claim to know the answer to. A question that you alone should answer with no input from such claimants. 

Could Brexit get any worse?

The answer is yes, it absolutely could. Despite the constant spate of bad news regarding the UK’s departure from Brussels, I may have stumbled across its most appalling consequence yet: seasick guide dogs. And we all know that the only thing worse than a poorly dog is a poorly dog with a job to do and a limited ability to do it.

However, this isn’t set in stone. It is only in the case of the UK leaving without a deal that this will occur. So, if there ever was a reason to hold a second referendum or reverse it all together, here it is. You’re welcome, Mrs Swinson. And if that doesn’t sway you, then you must simply not like dogs, and more specifically, dogs that help the visually impaired. But getting back to the whole Brexit thing. In the case of no-deal, guide dogs in Northern Ireland would be forced to travel by sea to reach the Republic of Ireland, where there are only three entry points for them: the southern ports of Cork, Rosslare and Dublin Airport. 

To further worsen the situation, it’s far from a straightforward journey facing guide dog and companion alike. In the worst-case scenario, it may involve taking a ferry from Northern Ireland to Scotland or England, driving to Wales and then finally boarding a ferry to reach the Republic of Ireland. So, what should we take from this? That pet travel is flawed, Brexit isn’t the laugh we thought it might be or that the Irish Sea will be at its busiest in decades? No, we should just accept that if you are in favour of Brexit, you must simply not like Northern Irish guide dogs- perhaps you even hate them.

And while that may seem like, and definitely is, a poorly reached conclusion, it appears to match the standard of many generalizing claims made in politics. Claims that are irreversibly dividing millions of people. If you support Brexit, you’re a closet racist and if you support a second referendum, you have no democratic values and probably moan a lot. Although the moaning bit is probably true. However, aren’t the people accusing them of moaning doing exactly that?

I’m undecided, but while we’re on the subject, I’ll tell you something for free. I would definitely moan if I read an article focussed on guide dogs up until the final paragraph, then made some sort of claim about modern politics. It’s a niche example but one to watch out for. 


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