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Gaza looms large on first day of SNP conference

Members have approved an emergency motion calling for an end to violence in Israel and Gaza

By Josh Pizzuto-Pomaco

Cllr Nadia El-Nakla addresses the audience

Hundreds of delegates filled P & J Live this morning, as SNP chiefs welcomed party members to Aberdeen.

In an emotional show of support for civilians suffering from the conflict in Gaza and Israel, the conference approved an emergency motion condemning the violence and calling for humanitarian corridors out of Gaza.

Concerns raised for family of First Minister amidst continued bombardment

Councillor Nadia El-Nakla, whose parents are trapped in the Palestinian enclave, told the audience that Gazans are “used to suffering and being fearful,” but “this time is different.”

“The number of deaths are soaring, mostly children, and Gaza has been turned to rubble,” she added.

“Instead of sending spy planes, the UK should be sending supplies.”

Cllr El-Nakla, who is married to First Minister Humza Yousaf, expressed her “despair” over fears her family may be killed amid escalating bombardment by the Israeli government.

“We have dreams and goals. I ask, let us survive and live in peace,” Cllr El-Nakla said.

“I beg and plead, give the children of Gaza a chance to live,” she concluded, amid thunderous applause from the gathered delegates, who approved the emergency motion by acclaim.

Flynn calls out Tories in firery address

SNP Westminster leader Stephen Flynn also took the stage, as the Aberdeen South MP welcomed party members to the Granite City.

Throughout his remarks, Mr Flynn repeatedly criticised the Conservative government.

One line which sparked a round of adulation relied on a bit of alliteration:

“Skint, Scunnered, Scottish?” Mr Flynn queried. “Blame the Tories after 13 years of failure.”

“Brexit Britain is a place and a politice in deep decline… We are offering something deeply different. We are asking the Scottish people to put trust in themselves.”

Mr Flynn pitched independence as the only way to provide “real change” for the people of Scotland.

“The cost of living crisis is a direct consequence of the constitutional status quo, he added. “Constitutional change is the only way to see real change.”

“Building that coalition for change is exactly what we need to get back to.”


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