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Freshers Fayre 2021: Students back to campus after long Coronavirus hiatus

The first events took place all over campus on September 20th

By Evelyn Bayerlein

Photo courtesy of Aaedan Brennan

Freshers Fayre was held in a marquee at Kings Pitches between the 21st and 22nd of September, where students enjoyed discount vouchers for bars and free pizza.

It has been a hard 18 months especially for many societies that involve physical contact, many of which were present in the event.

The activities showcased the clubs and societies here at the university, including The Gaudie.

Japanese society member Mai commented how “it was an excellent opportunity to talk to people about joining societies and the events coming up.”

In addition, the university hosted a picnic at the Cruickshank botanical gardens on Wednesday 22nd September, as well as a Freshers Quiz.

A second year student said about the picnic that “in person events have made it easier to meet and socialise.”

According to second-year student Jakub, at the freshers quiz on Monday, the events are “especially good to get to know each other, the university has helped create events where students are in situations they wouldn’t otherwise be in to socialise outside of degrees and societies.”


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