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Crime writing festival comes to Aberdeen

Four day event celebrating crime fiction to begin the 24th February

By Evelyn Bayerlein

Photo by Evelyn Bayerlein

The festival is being hosted by Aberdeen performing arts and is named Granite Noir.

The website states “Granite Noir is inspired by the incredible popularity of crime fiction in all of its forms, by the fantastic contribution that Scottish writers make, […] most of all inspired by Aberdeen, which is the perfect backdrop for the festival-steeped in history, atmosphere, quirky with a strong sense of place.”

“It’s our pleasure to bring you a fantastic programme of noir writing in unusual places and spaces across the city.”

Over the four days there will be author conversations, workshops and even a podcast recording by Bad people which is a true crime podcast devilling into all things crime and comedy. The podcast will consist of an unravelling of a criminal case.

A special spotlight will be put on regional talented authors in a section of the festival known as ‘locals in the limelight.’

This will be over the weekend at various times at the Lemon Tree where authors will read extracts from their novels.

One Psychology student said about the festival “I’m really excited to attend the workshops with knowledgeable authors who are sharing their craft.” The festival really opens up the chance to learn more about writers and writing in Aberdeen and Crime writing more generally.”

The various events take place all over Aberdeen from the central library to the Lemon tree lounge.


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