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Covid testing centre opens in University’s Roy Strathdee building

Testing at the UK government funded walk-in test centre opened last week

By: Logan Machell

Roy Strathdee building, Don Street - Photograph: screengrab from Google Maps

The new testing centre, located in the University of Aberdeen’s Roy Strathdee building on Don Street, offers coronavirus testing every day.

Students can book an appointment on the test and protect website People who have a continuous cough, a high fever and have experienced a change or loss of their sense of smell or taste are encouraged to book a test.

The new site is situated so it is accessible without a car. Those being tested will be required to follow public health measures, including social distancing, not travelling by taxi or public transport, practising good personal hygiene, and wearing a face covering throughout, including while travelling to and from the testing centre.

The new Coronavirus testing centre is located at the Aberdeen University Officer Training Corps’ former barracks in Aberdeen University’s Roy Strathdee building. Unlike the Aberdeen airport testing facility, this centre can be accessed on foot.

At the beginning of September, Boris Johnson said the UK government would be testing 500,000 people a day. However, according to official statistics only 198,402 tests were processed yesterday (29.09.20) according to official government statistics. Aberdeen has experienced several breakouts of Coronavirus and one recently connected to the Bobbin, a popular student bar.

Daily Covid-19 testing - Screengrab from

A university spokesperson said that “the new testing centre supports the extensive measures in place to ensure the health and safety of our student, staff and surrounding community.” The university also said you should book an appointment if you have any of the symptoms. All students are encouraged to also download the NHS Protect Scotland app.


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