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Candidates Announced for 2024 AUSA Sabbatical Elections

Updated: Mar 10

Voting to Start March 11th

By Clive Davies

By Cyrus Crossan on Unsplash

The candidates running for the five Student Officer positions at AUSA have been announced. 36 candidates are battling it out for the positions of Student President, as well as Vice-President for Welfare, Activities, Communities and Education respectively.

The five positions are paid full-time jobs and are responsible for executing the will of and representing the Student Union.

Last year saw only 29 candidates, itself an increase of 13 in 2022, reflecting a continuing trend of increase participation.

The twelve candidates vying to succeed Vanessa Mabonso Nzolo as Student President are Christina Schmid, Josh Pizzuto-Pomaco, Ali Ahmad Saadat, Seye Abrahams, Merris Abena Soah Ackon, Anushka, Zak Parsons, Ankita Sinha, Ali Dada, Khalifa Muhammad, Emily McQuoid and Anuj Giri.

Education VP is seeing a comparatively smaller field of candidates, with incumbent Rhiannon Ledwell stepping away, the three candidates are Miles Rotheorl, Wardah Zubair and Kirsten Koss.

Communities VP also has three candidates fighting for the role, Incumbent Ainhoa Burgos Aguilera, Debashis Dey and Willow Daymond.

The eleven candidates running to be Sai Shraddha S. Viswanathan's successor as Welfare VP are Noah Smith, Legor Idagbo, Isaac Antwi, Collins Onyibe, Finn Abou El Magd, Allie GLew, Tahani Ahmed Al-Jaal, Karim Hurtig, Babu John, Abdul Rashid Mohammed and Samer Fakhri.

Lastly, the five candidates vying for Activies VP are Mohammed Mohammed Ifhaam, Incumbent Tonis Tilk, Roba Yussef, Jane Davidson, Clement Bosin and Khamisa John Chol Dak.

Debates for the positions of VP of Communities, Education and Activities took place today while the debates for VP of Welfare and Student President will take place tomorrow March 8th from 12pm-3pm in the Student Union Building.


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