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BREAKING: The Marking Boycott Is Over

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

60% of UCU members voted to end the MAB, which had lasted for nearly five months.

By Josh Pizzuto-Pomaco

Union members have been embroiled in an ongoing dispute over pay and conditions since last November. Image: UCU Aberdeen

The marking and assessment boycott has ended.

In a shock announcement Wednesday afternoon, academic union UCU announced that members would return to marking and assessing students' work.

Per the union, 60% of members voted to end the action.

Five days of national strike action will take place from the 25th to the 29th of September.

Members will be balloted to consider whether or not to continue the dispute at a later date.

As we reported in July, UoA Principal George Boyne called for earlier pay deductions in a bid to make UCU members feel "pain along the way."

The comments sparked controversy, with many students and staff calling for Professor Boyne's resignation.

It now appears that the embattled chief executive, who also serves as chair of employers association UCEA, has outlasted the ire of union members, at least for now.

Prior to today's announcement, a University spokesperson commented on the deductions.

They said: "The University’s approach with regard to withholding pay for those who participated in the MAB was in line with other universities, albeit others have confirmed that they are withholding 100% pay.

“The intention of the University to withhold 50% salary for those participating in the MAB was communicated to all staff prior to and during the MAB period.

“We hope any further strike action can be averted, however, should further strike action be taken, the University will make every effort to minimise the impact on students who will be given advice and kept updated.”


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