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Breaking: Edward Wright Building vandalised and broken into

On Tuesday night the building housing the department of Social Sciences was broken into and vandalised, University Communications said

By Mireia Jimenez

The incident took place in Block B, which remained closed for the rest of the day

An email was sent on Wednesday morning to Staff Members advising them to work from home or find an alternative workspace

A University of Aberdeen spokesperson commented for The Gaudie about the incident earlier this morning:

“Offices were damaged alongside other property, and we are working with Police Scotland as part of ongoing enquiries into the incident”

When asked about any material damages, the University spokespersons said:

“A clean-up and repair operation is now complete, and staff whose offices were affected are being contacted and offered appropriate support.”

It is also confirmed the incident seems to be isolated and no other threats to University property have been detected

“However we have increased security patrols in the area, and provided appropriate guidance to staff.”, the spokesperson remarked


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