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An excellent performance at home by AUAC

Aberdeen University Athletics Club shines at the Scottish Universities Cross Country Championship

by Eszter Csorba

image courtesy of AUAC

The weather is starting to turn crispy cold, leaves are falling, and the rainy, windy, grumpy days are back. But does it mean cosy evenings with hot chocolate and a warm blanket? No. It means that cross-country season is finally here!

On November 3rd, the Scottish Universities Cross Country Championship was held in our beloved Aberdeen where Scotland’s finest cross-country runners from 12 universities competed against one another. The route was very well pieced together. Some steep inclines, twist and turns through the woods and, of course, some hills were combined together to create a proper and technically challenging cross-country course.

The championship saw a huge day for the University of Aberdeen Athletics Club. Altogether 24 excellent athletes completed the course. The club’s athletes took advantage of the home course and made the university proud. In the women’s race, Zoe Bates took the bronze medal for the team as she placed third with a brilliant run in the individual race, leading the girls’ team alongside with Ali Hunter (9th) and Grace Wheelan (12th).  The men's race was equally as exciting with Rory Stead being the first male competitor from AUAC to finish the race at 21st, followed closely by Andrew Love (24th) and Steven Murray (25th). 

There was sweat, blood, and more sweat, but the hard training paid off and has made their legs, lungs and hearts stronger. Dedicated to the club, the team had amazing spectator support by AUAC track & field training group. There was a lot to celebrate on the evening with medals and trophies richly. It doesn’t stop there though. Monday night still saw everyone training hard at the always windy ASV track, proving that Aberdeen has its own cross-country queens and kings. 


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