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Aberdeen to Rovaniemi: airport staff take on runway challenge

Staff at Aberdeen Airport will be running the lengths of various UK runways, as well as one in Finland

By: Anttoni Numminen

Participants from Aberdeen Internation Airport - Photograph: AIA

Staff at Aberdeen International Airport will be taking part in a mental health charity’s fundraiser by running or walking the length of various runways throughout December.

Yesterday (5 December) the seven participants from three UK airports ran the length of Aberdeen’s 1,953m runway and will go on to tackle 1,723m of Southampton’s runway on December 23, the 2,658m for the Glasgow length on December 29 as well as other lengths throughout December.

However, on Christmas Day, those taking part have the challenge of covering the 3,003m runway of Rovaniemi Aiport in Lapland.

Rovaniemi, which is in northern Finland (and has the Arctic Circle crossing the airport’s runway) serves as a destination for many UK travellers, particularly during the winter holidays.

Image: Aviation Action

The funds raised will go to the mental health charity Aviation Action, which serves to support those in the aviation industry.

Taking part in the challenge, Robert Paterson from Aberdeen International Airport, said: “It has been an incredibly difficult year for aviation, so we wanted to help those in need by taking part in this challenge.

“It is great we are able to join aviation colleagues across the country also taking part.”


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