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Aberdeen Student Radio Returns

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

AUSA announces support for new venture

By Josh Pizzuto-Pomaco

photo courtesy of Tomás Pizarro-Escuti

Student Radio has returned to the Granite City. After several years of uncertainty surrounding the future of Aberdeen Student Radio, the University's student-run radio station, The Gaudie has learned that the internet radio station is returning for the 2022-2023 academic year. The station, which broadcasts from studios in the Student Union Building, had closed down this summer after several years of declining membership due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Gaudie spoke to Tomás Pizarro-Escuti, the new Director for Content at the station, who confirmed that ASR would return, perhaps in a matter of weeks. He also told The Gaudie that plans for several student-run programmes were already in progress.

He commented, ‘We are very happy to be able to bring ASR back to life. University radio has always played an important role in Aberdeen, not only for its entertainment role, but also for its cultural, social and informational role.’

‘At the moment we are planning several programmes and have been in contact with several societies interested in collaborating with us. For example, "The Law Codex Society" will have a legal talk show. For now we will certainly have a programme about news; a programme about international analysis called "The International Voice"; a programme about psychology called "The Hidden Brain" and various other music shows. However, ASR is nothing without the students. The pandemic has hit us hard and we need the support of students who are interested in cooperating with us. We have several open positions in our committee so you are all invited to join us.’

‘It is important for students to take an active role in radio because it is a great opportunity to contribute to our community. In fact, it is a real privilege to have a radio station at the university. Students can develop many skills in ASR, technical, communication, creative and even commercial skills.’

Camilo Torres Barragán, Vice President for Communities said: ‘We are supporting a group of students that are currently working on bringing ASR back. They have plans to offer radio space to all student activities to promote their events and campaigns. Additionally, we have just created a Media Fund Grant to support any student media projects and it’s open for any society, sports club, forum, or student group. We would encourage interested activities to apply before 9am on 31st of October. Contact for more information.’

Students are invited to join the ASR team by emailing Tomás at


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