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Aberdeen Professor receives MBE in New Year’s Honours

Professor Reid was recognised for his work with the Royal Osteoporosis Society

By: Anttoni Numminen

Professor David Reid - University of Aberdeen

Professor David Reid, Emeritus Professor at the University and former head of the School of Medicine and Dentistry, has been given an MBE by the Queen.

Professor Reid, who retired from the University five years ago, received the award for his work with the Royal Osteoporosis Society (ORS) where he has held many roles including Chair of the Board of Trustees and Senior Medical Advisor.

During his 19 years at the University of Aberdeen, Professor Reid’s research mainly focused on osteoporosis, looking at ways of assessing bone density screening for osteoporosis, as well as nutrition and bone, steroid effects on bone and the genetics of osteoporosis.

Professor Reid said: “After my initial research training at the University of Edinburgh, much of my work in Aberdeen was undertaken with a wonderful team of research nurses, radiographers, research nutritionists, scientific collaborators and clinical research fellows. Over the years we were fortunate to be awarded research funding worth of over £15 million from various research bodies, Government, charities and commercial companies. […]

"I am personally very grateful for the support of so many which has culminated in this award – it really is an honour.” - Professor Reid

“The fabulous generosity of the people of the North East of Scotland, together with the amazing clinical and laboratory research opportunities that we have in Aberdeen with the unique Foresterhill campus allowing close working between the University and NHS Grampian – has led to the North East of Scotland becoming one of the foremost osteoporosis centres in the UK. I am personally very grateful for the support of so many which has culminated in this award – it really is an honour.”

The University of Stirling’s Principal, Gerry McCormac has also been recognised in the New Year’s Honours. McCormac, who is also Vice-Chancellor at Stirling University, will be given a Knighthood by the Queen “for services to education and the economy”

Gerry McCormac - University of Stirling

However, the announcement was met by a less than enthusiastic response from many students at Stirling University who took to the internet to voice their thoughts on the award.

According to The Brig, the Principal has been criticised for “not prioritising student safety by reopening accommodation at the start of the semester, putting those in accommodation at risk from COVID-19” as well as charging students hundreds of pounds to leave their University accommodation at the start of the lockdown in March.

This is similar to the critique faced by University of Aberdeen management, which was called out for, and subsequently u-turned on, charging locked down Hillhead students £75 a week for food packages in the first semester of 2020/21.


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