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Aberdeen named second cheapest university for students in the UK

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

University and AUSA welcome the announcement

By Josh Pizzuto-Pomaco

Courtesy of Aaedan Brennan

According to a study by Oxford Royale, a worldwide education provider, the University of Aberdeen is the second least expensive university for students in the UK.

Basing their work off of data from the living cost calculator Expatistan, Oxford Royale’s researchers determined that the average living cost for students in Aberdeen was 161 pounds, just four pounds off the top spot, held by the University of Dundee.

The calculations were broken down into several different categories, including the cost of fast food, taxi services, and alcoholic beverages.

The study estimated that student accommodation in Aberdeen cost about 100 pounds per week.

Coupled with average prices of beer (11.58), cocktails (24.00), fast food (10.86), and taxis (15.00), the cost rose to 161 pounds per week, good enough for joint second with Northumbria University and the University of Newcastle.

Aberdeen’s rise to the second position was boosted by its inexpensive accommodation costs, especially compared to other universities on the list.

Coming in at 99 pounds and 58 pence, accommodation in Aberdeen was nearly 7 pounds cheaper than accommodation in Dundee and over 100 pounds less than shared student accommodation in London.

Oxford Royale’s analysis is limited, however, as its data was drawn from universities in the top 40 on the Complete University Guide’s rankings, and doesn’t appear to have incorporated data on the cost of groceries and other necessities.

A University spokesperson responded to the study, saying:

“Aberdeen continues to be an attractive destination for students for a whole range of reasons, and we are pleased to see the University highlighted as being among the most affordable for students.

“We offer a wide range of options for accommodation and we know that our students appreciate the breadth of choice when it comes to socialising in our city.

“The latest National Student Survey (NSS) ranked the University fifth for overall student satisfaction out of 122 UK higher education institutions, so students can be assured that when they come here, they will receive a high quality learning experience as well as all the benefits of living in Aberdeen.”

Likewise, when asked for comment, Camilo Torres-Baragán, AUSA Vice President for Communities said:

“We welcome the news that the University of Aberdeen is placed high in this ranking, however, we can’t ignore the fact that many of our students are still struggling, especially during the ongoing pandemic.

“International students with restricted working visas and often from countries with lower wages, might find themselves struggling to afford the costs of living.

“We want to encourage all students who find themselves in hardships to contact AUSA or the University - we can offer support and financial advice. You can also visit our Foodsharing Hub in Students’ Union Building where students can often grab surplus food from local supermarkets free of charge.’


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