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Aberdeen Art Gallery awarded Scotland's building of the year

Building by Hoskins Architects is said to bring Scottish heritage into the 21st century

by Katerina Vilemova

Courtesy of Aaedan Brennan

The Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland (RIAS) who give out the award each year praised the Aberdonian building for being “more welcoming, more sustainable, and more accessible”, they said for BBC.

Aberdeen Art Gallery went through a four-year, £34.6m refurbishment and reopened its doors for visitors in 2019.

The project followed a decade-long redevelopment and refurbishment, creating an excellent example of how building conversation, environmental sustainability and contemporary and historic architecture go hand in hand.

The Aberdeen building won ‘primarily because of the creative reuse of a very prominent existing building’, said Christina Gaiger, president of the RIAS.

She added that the Aberdonian project also takes into account the longevity of the building, showcasing a progressive approach to architecture, such as using natural ventilation and other environmental techniques.

Lilly, a postgraduate student at the University of Aberdeen and a visitor of the gallery commented for The Gaudie:

‘I would say that it is definitely a worthy winner of the award. The building is so interesting and the historic aspect of it is so impressive. The frieze on the first floor is one of my favourite parts. I also love the way that the old and new parts fit together so seamlessly, it just seems like it has always been there. It also has the added bonus of beautiful acoustics when there are musicians playing there! I think they should be proud that they won the award for sure, it's an impressive accolade’.

One of the exhibitions currently on display is Zandra Rhodes: 50 Years of Fabulous; the largest exhibition of the author’s work of British textile design of bold prints and vibrant colours. She designed outfits for many important figures, such as for princess Diana.


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