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You'll Find Someone to Fart With - Tom Rosenthal | Review

by Julie Toft Carlsen


Tom Rosenthal is an incredibly interesting artist to be following, whether you’re into melancholic indie or songs about watermelons and farts. His latest single, 'You’ll Find Someone to Fart With', is the result of his growth as an independent artist – and the ultimate statement about the weight of freedom in the music scene.

On September 8th singer/songwriter Tom Rosenthal took to Instagram to ask for help from his followers. Rosenthal had stumbled upon a bit of a writer’s block, so he wanted suggestions for song titles. The best suggestion would be used to write a new song, which would be released the coming Friday; the result of this challenge is 'You’ll Find Someone to Fart With'.

The song is upbeat and playful (as might be expected) and is another example of Rosenthal never taking himself too seriously. The lyrics of the song include other song title suggestions, such as ‘all panic, no disco’ and ‘the truth about fancy hats’. The song has Rosenthal’s signature harmonies and falsetto running through it, so although it might seem that there’s not much meaning to be gleaned from the song, it somehow still manages to send a message of encouragement and positivity.

Prior to this single’s release, Rosenthal posted a statement to Instagram, celebrating his freedom as an independent artist: ‘I’ll never be a global megastar person. BUT the upsides are that I can write a song with FART in the title, only a handful of days ago, and release it at MIDNIGHT TONIGHT [sic]. I am free. It is lovely to be free.’ Rosenthal has been releasing a slew of singles and an EP, since the release of his last major LP, Fenn, in 2017. In 2018 he released an album titled Z-Sides with sleepy reworkings of his previously released songs. He shared the process of creating this album on social media, posting demos on Instagram and asking for feedback, as the album was inspired by listeners gushing about the calming effect of his music.


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