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Writers Wanted: Join Gaudie News Today!

🖊️ Enhance your CV and gain invaluable experience in journalism 🎤

By: The Gaudie Newsroom

If you’ve ever considered journalism or writing as a career option, you'd like to see you name next to an article or just want to try something different, then Gaudie News is the place for you.

With no formal journalism training at the University of Aberdeen, the student newspaper (Scotland’s oldest!) is the place to get invaluable experience but also to have some fun.

We cover a wide range of stories and issues from Hillhead cats to campus transport, investigations and society and sport club happenings, and there’s no requirement to stay and write. Some people write one article while others write for us throughout their whole time at University, which is great!

And though there are several different sections in The Gaudie, the News section covers (what we think :D) are the most exciting and relevant stories.

We asked our News Editor, Anttoni, to answer a few questions about what it’s like to write for The Gaudie.

So, tell us, who are you and how did you get involved with The Gaudie?

Caption: interviewing students in Hillhead.

I’m Anttoni Numminen, a 3rd-year politics student and I got involved with the Gaudie in my first year when I had no interest in journalism at all! During freshers’ I turned up to a Gaudie event, went to a news meeting and wrote my first article - which was terrible, btw – but I felt I was doing something different and it started to grow on me as I wrote more.

Has writing for The Gaudie helped you in any way?

Aye, I’d say it has. After I started writing articles regularly, I think my academic writing improved because doing something a lot inadvertently means you get better at it. Apart from the writing though, you get a lot of transferrable skills such as being a better communicator, becoming more confident as well as getting your name next to an article which is cool.

What was your favourite article to write?

Oof, that’s a tough one. I’d say overall the fact that you get to cover so much different stuff is quite exciting and you learn a lot about people, but also pre-COVID you got to go to events in-person (it’s true, not everything was online in the past). In that vein, I’d say it was a lot of fun to go and see Princess Anne get an honorary Aberdeen Uni degree from the Duchess of Cornwall. But in terms of more serious stuff, it’s quite exciting to work on constantly developing stories like this one.

If someone wants to write for the Gaudie’s News section, how can they join and do they need any experience?

First off, you definitely don’t need previous experience, being at Aberdeen Uni is enough. Myself and Jeevan (the Deputy News Editor) are here so that we can help you write the article, and we’ll give guidance from style to word length. To join, you can send us a message on Facebook and we’ll respond ASAP. You can also send us an email to + we’ve got a Messenger group chat for anyone who wants to join. Any other questions you can just message me or the page.

Thanks, Anttoni!

Thank you. I hope to see people (virtually) joining the team!


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