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What Women Want to Hear

Dating Advice From Me! Mr. Perfect

By Marlee Silverman

Photo Credit: Vija Rindo Pratama via Pexels

Women are simple creatures, and if you follow these tips, I guarantee the woman of your dreams will be yours.

  1. If you meet a woman in a club, make sure to say something to her to let her know you are a feminist and she is safe with you. Telling her something like “I listen to All Too Well (10 Minute Version)” is sure to do this. It isn’t out of place and will feel authentic in the setting. All women like Taylor Swift so this will always be successful.

  2. Make her feel wanted early in the relationship. Any guy could come up to her and tell her they love her. Be different. Say it in another language, specifically one you don’t speak. Say “te amo” three weeks into the relationship. The woman will be enamoured with your knowledge of language and will definitely say it back. Do not wait! Say it as early in the relationship as possible.

  3. Along with this, tell her you told your mom about her. This should be done so early in the relationship that you have not defined what you are to each other. Once again, the woman will be impressed that you care and are ready to take that step. Never worry about coming on too strong, that’s impossible.

  4. When you get further with this woman, which you will because of this advice, you may find yourself in bed with her. When this happens, make sure you are honest and open with her. If condoms are uncomfortable for you, tell her “I hate condoms.” She will see your honesty and thank you for being courageous. Let her know you are doing her a favour by wearing one and she should be grateful. This won’t ruin the moment, it will bring you closer together.

  5. This next tip is about what you don’t say rather than what you do. When you are with your friends and see the woman, ignore her. Act like she doesn’t exist and means nothing to you, but only when in public. You have friends that are important to you, so show off how popular you are! The woman will be left wanting more.

  6. Never hold back. Tell her everything. Women like to learn things about you, how you think and feel. If you had a dream about her, tell her “I had a dream about you.” Once again, the earlier in the relationship the better. The woman will be excited to know that every waking and non-waking thought you have is about her. Don’t worry about coming off as obsessive or moving too quickly. Women want to know these things. It works every time, trust me.

  7. My last tip to win your lady’s love forever is, and I cannot stress this enough, when she texts you and says she is going to take a shower, you must say “without me?” All women think this is incredibly funny and she will be rolling with laughter. She has most definitely never heard this and will applaud your originality.


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