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Vistas @ Tunnels | Gig Review

by Ruairidh Macdonald

courtesy of the author

On Sunday night, the up-and-coming Scottish indie rock band Vistas played a gig in our very own Tunnels.

In the middle of touring for their newly released album, What Were You Hoping To Find, the band decided to host a few stripped back acoustic sets across Scotland, playing a range of songs from previous projects to their most recent album.

Playing in Tunnels on a Sunday night, I expected that this would be a short and sweet gig, with the focus being on creating a more intimate connection with the audience, as opposed to their equally valid style of rocking out concert halls and festivals. This turned out to be true; with a forty-five-minute set of hits played with mainly just two guitars, they gave a great performance!

Coming on just after eight, they were met with a very warm reception from the crowd and they pretty much started playing as soon as they picked up the guitar. Prentice Robinson, the frontman, admitted that the night would be more focused on the music, a sentiment the audience, who was eager to hear more, was more than happy with!

The band used the space well, utilising the acoustics of the Tunnels’ hall to their advantage to project their bangers and create a great atmosphere. They played through their catalogue to much fan excitement before finishing the gig with their most popular song ‘Retrospect’.

The only criticism I have is that it wasn’t long enough, with many of their songs I quite like missing from the setlist. However, that just gives me, and anyone else who thought this, a reason to catch their next somewhat local tour date at the Barrowlands in December, where I’m sure they’ll bring the house down.