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UoA Alice and Minerva Appreciation Society reaches 2 million members

This is the first year the society is running.

by Warel Pilmering

image by Parel Wilmering

This Thursday, the University of Aberdeen Alice and Minerva Appreciation Society reached 2 million members, making it the largest society on campus closely followed by the Buttons for Rector campaign and Politics and International Relations Society.

Alice and Minerva, two angora rabbits living in the Bedford Bunny Snuggery on Bedford Road, gained some local fame in the spring of this year. However, since Scotland had gone into national lockdown, many students went home and thus, not many were left to admire the fluffy Bedford bunnies.

Thankfully, this quickly changed when students started returning to the university at the beginning of the new academic year. The bunnies shot to fame after one unnamed student started the Alice and Minerva Appreciation Society. The society, that mostly communicates with its members through TikTok, had 1.5 million new members in its first week of running. The number has now risen to 2 million.

The society’s first social-distance event will take place this Saturday. It is expected members will come all the way from Southampton, Tokyo, and Torry to appreciate Alice and Minerva in a group of Alice and Minerva appreciators.

When asked for comments on their newfound celebrity status, Minerva chewed on a leaf and Alice sniffed at the interviewer’s recording device.


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