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University-wide Significant Service Outage disruption expected to take several hours

Students worried about submissions after University systems fail

By Jeevan Bains

Image courtesy of Jeevan Bains

Several University systems have been left inaccessible as of this morning as the University is working to tackle a significant service outage.

The University Communications Team has sent an update to students this afternoon highlighting that 'an unexpected power loss within our data centre on campus means many of our IT-services will not operate as expected, or potentially at all.'

The team reassures students that 'the process to restart the power centre is already underway but this process is extensive and could take several hours.'

The issues include service disruption to file storage, wireless and wired internet across campus as well as inhibited access to Finance and HR Systems.

The University of Aberdeen website is also inaccessible, with students redirected to a link to a service update page which has last been updated 3 hours ago.

The technical issues have also affected computers in the library, leaving students with no internet, coming when students are approaching deadlines for their end of year exams.

However, University schools have reassured students that ‘work is underway to restore [the systems].’

The School for Language, Literature, Music and Visual Culture has sent correspondence to students that they are ‘extending deadlines for all assessments due to be submitted today’ for a further four days to May 3rd, and students have been advised by the department to contact their course tutor for any queries or concerns.

Fourth Year Anthropology and Sociology student Katerina Vilemova shared her concern that ‘we are not sure how to submit our papers in time and anonymously.’

Vilemova explained that her peers ‘all have multiple deadlines today’ and that the library computers ‘showed no internet connection’.

This comes as Second Year Arabic students had to finish their end of year oral exams via Zoom, after Blackboard had locked students out of their accounts, with their session having an hour delay.


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