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University to open Covid test centre for students travelling over winter break

Following an announcement from the Scottish government, UoA will start testing those travelling home over holidays

By: Anttoni Numminen

Covid Test Centre at UoA's Roy Strathdee building - Photograph: Jake Roslin

The University of Aberdeen has today (Friday) announced that it will be opening a Covid testing centre for students planning on travelling home over the winter break.

Currently, the test centre is set to be open on Old Aberdeen Campus between 30 November and 10 December.

Last week the Scottish government announced a plan to rapidly test thousands of students in order to “support the safe return of up to 80,000 students ahead of the winter break”.

As part of the plan, the Scottish government has also asked students to “voluntarily reduce their social mixing for two weeks before going home”.

The University is looking for members of staff and students to volunteer for paid roles in the testing centre. Those wishing to apply should complete this form no later than 9am on Monday 23 November.

Speaking of the roles available, Debbie Dyker, Acting Director of Operations, said: “Training modules will be available to support induction and must be completed before starting. This will be online training during the week commencing 23 November as well as onsite induction on 28 November. […]

“Some of the roles represent an opportunity for students on healthcare programmes, i.e. Honours BSc or PhD students or for staff with a biomedical background. Other roles are open to all staff and students to consider.”

The University has said it is working closely with the Scottish Government to set its own test facility to deliver the service to students intending to leave campus over the winter break.


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