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Union Terrace Gardens Reopened

The Terrace Gardens have re-opened after years of works, and millions spent.

By Kani Barzani

photo courtesy of Aberdeen City Council

The Union Terrace Gardens were re-opened on the 22 of December after years of construction and nearly 30 million spent. As the council had promised, the garden's construction barriers were finally removed after nearly three years, unveiling both historic and new features.

The new garden features include a planted city crest, a playground for children, tons of seating, light features, newly commissioned artwork, improved infrastructure for wheelchair accessibility, and new toilets.

Along with this, the statues of William Wallace, Rabbie Burns, and Edward VII; a set of historic arches; and the Victorian toilets and grand staircase have been restored to their original glory to highlight the historic attributes of Aberdeen. These restorations of the new gardens have brought back the scenic aspect of the city.

Due to the cold weather and exhibits from SPECTRA causing damage to the lawn, the council has decided to forgo putting grass turf down until spring. As such, visitors will be asked to stay off the main lawn until then.

The refurbishments have been controversial for years as the openings were delayed due to a myriad of different reasons.

Council Co-Leader Alex Nicoll told the BBC that many of the delays were unexpected.

He said, 'A lot of the delays have been beyond the council's control, and beyond even contractor control.'

'But it's good that we did actually manage to meet the Christmas deadline, albeit a little bit finer than we would have wanted.'

Despite these early challenges, the Union Terrace Gardens are officially open for all to enjoy.


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