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Turing Scheme to Cover Studies Abroad

A new scheme has been set up to provide opportunities to study abroad as UK universities prepare to leave Erasmus post-Brexit

By Olivia Mackenzie Smith

The Turing Scheme was set up by the UK Government to fund exchanges and university placements across the globe.

Educational institutions, including the University of Aberdeen, can now apply to cover their students’ expenses.

When asked about the new programme and how it differed from Erasmus, Go Abroad manager at the University of Aberdeen Louise Stratton responded that​

“While Erasmus was a broad international framework encompassing a range of collaborative activities, the Turing Scheme focuses on outward student mobility.

"The Turing Scheme provides funding to enable students at UK universities, colleges and schools to spend one to twelve months abroad undertaking study or work-based activities [...]”

“The key benefit of the Turing Scheme is to widen access to funded international experiences, particularly for destinations outside of Europe and for shorter durations.”

“We remain committed to our partnerships in Europe, however with the loss of Erasmus, we have lost the previous framework for cooperation. We need to renegotiate agreements with our European partners outside the framework of Erasmus”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson described the Turing Scheme as “a truly global programme with every country in the world eligible to partner with UK universities, schools and colleges”, while Education Secretary Gavin Williamson has urged “universities, schools and colleges from all corners of the UK to start their applications.”

However, many critics have expressed concern over the government’s decision to pull out of Erasmus, rejecting an offer to continue even after leaving the EU.

A statement released by The National Union of Students says that the loss of Erasmus will impact international opportunities for students, with the President Zamzam Ibrahim saying the decision is “reckless” and an example of how “students are being used as pawns in politicians’ games”.

Although the UK is planning to withdraw from Erasmus, the programme will continue until all current projects are completed in May 2023.

Information about studying abroad can be found on the University of Aberdeen website or consulting the following email


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