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Travis Scott, 'Astroworld' - Review

by Alba Farr


In his third studio recording, Travis Scott invites us to the magical amusement park of Astroworld.

The ethereal, surrealistic aesthetic of the album cover, the use of tones reminiscent of amusement parks while touching upon themes of success, fame and morality in the lyrics build up an otherworldly feel. Travis Scott opens the album with the psychedelic ‘STARGAZING’ and ends with the repeated ‘this is all’ in ‘COFFEE BEAN’, where he has laid all his cards on the table and is satisfied with his achievements. The most thought provoking song on this album is ‘STOP TRYING TO BE GOD’, a track that explores the God complex. Asking whether it is ‘the complex of the saint/ That’s keeping you so, so, so still?’, the track makes the audience question themselves: are we able to accept our faults and grow? Or is being stagnant the sacrifice we are willing to make for our pride? Travis Scott pays homage to one of his main influences, DJ Screw, in the track titled ‘R.I.P. SCREW’.

DJ Screw is famous for creating a dream like effect on his songs by slowing them down, which is replicated extensively by Scott – arguably overdone, although it has probably paid off as ASTROWORLD has gone gold. It’s also necessary to mention the controversy that ensued after leaving transgender icon Amanda Lepore off the album cover. Travis has claimed that this decision was artistic rather than a personal attack and that he has ‘nothing but respect for the LGBTQ community’.


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