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The St Machar Bar is “Just better than the Bobbin”

Declares brooding humanities student.

by Generic desk flesh

image by Colin Smith via

Hareton Simblly, a second-year Theology and Philosophy student from Summerset, has made it abundantly clear to his social circle, and anyone who tries to engage in social activity after any university event, that he holds an irrational level of animosity toward the popular student bar, The Bobbin.

When pressed for an alternative watering hole he has been known the suggest that the twenty strong group of post-fencing-society-revellers descend on the impractically small St Machar Bar for the sole reason that is “Just has more of a feel”.

After much negotiating, The Gaudie was able to secure an interview with Mr. Simblly in his favorite drinkery.

Arriving in his classic tweed attire, long umbrella in hand, he slipped into the pew next to us with an awkward “aright’?” as a pint materialized in his hand.

He went on to explain how the cozy and familiar atmosphere was what really appealed to him, something facilitated by the relatively small size of the establishment something counterintuitive to a popular student establishment.

He then added, after informing us that he has been in the Bobbin exactly twice in the last year, neither time approaching the bar “The staff there don’t even know your name!”

After the conclusion of the interview, he slumped into his chair and sat in silence for the next several hours before leaving for is 11am tutorial.


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